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Website Design & Development, Web Analytics, Software Development, Corporate Branding, Graphic Design, Online Marketing


Custom Web Designing & Development

Custom web designs, we have teams specialising in different tool sets in order to achieve this. We offer professional web design and web development solutions from small business websites to more advanced eCommerce websites and web applications

Web Analytics

Web analytics intelligence streamline and improve marketing and is one of the most effective tools in internet marketing. the results or findings may be used to streamline a business on the next best thing. Today's world is characterised by the insights gained from such analytics and it is the one responsible for helping in making big decisions which later shape the company's OPEX. Machine Learning tools amongst others are used in this paradigm, keeping us in the forefront of Analytics

Software Deveolpment

Custom software solutions to target different platforms from design, development and delivery of mobile apps across all iOS and Android platforms, cloud services, and desktop solutions across Unix, Mac and .Net frameworks. We tailor make solutions for your company's needs. We cater for both start-ups and large enterprises with customised high-end enterprise solutions; solutions that suite unique and specific needs.

Corporate Branding

From corporate re-branding to creating visual identities for new products or videos. ConAfric helps you create the visual branding guidelines that will help to characterise your brand or company.

Graphic Design

Choosing a unique logo and effective branding is the key elements to ensure product & service differentiation

Online Marketing

We offer social networking solutions that are fully-featured social platforms that aid our clients in empowering communication and user engagement



ConAfric Dev is part of the ConAfric Group of companies with its overall function or purpose is to assist on all levels of business communication, optimisation and interaction. From web design, development using the latest technology and with client requirements in mind, to bespoke custom software solutions depending on the different business cases presented. Business processes optimisation happens to be our core business; various tool sets are used in this, from machine learning to traditional statistical approaches. Our goal is to produce software that will improve your business. We offer personalised and customised online solutions to you as our client and take into account your needs in terms of cost, time and development. This gives us that something that no one else can offer, and we want to offer it to you.

Personal Info

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  •   43 Valley View Avenue, Morningside, Durban, 4001
  •   info@conafrigroup.co.za.


We commend ConAfric Dev for a high level of professionalism, attention to detail and a personalised experience.

Kay - Unique Designs & Embroidery

Fashion Designer
I tested the responsive side on my phone this morning and was blown away. I sort of knew what to expect, but the way in which the web version translated to the mobile version, was beyond my expectations. Thank you."

Eddie - Enrisha Civil International

Civil Engineer
Best custom invoicing software, for CoAfric Dev, the sky is the limit. We hardly knew that our idea of software was possible.

Joseph - Counselix Investments

Accounting Officer